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A family-based in Snohomish, Washington called in MM Comfort Systems last winter when they started having problems with their ancient Rheem 80% Gas furnace and A/C unit. Knowing that gas problems in the house can be very hazardous, the homeowners wisely took their responsibilities seriously and drafted in a top-quality heating contractor to help diagnose their problem. After a thorough home inspection, she realized that to protect the family’s well being they would need to have their furnace completely replaced. Fortunately, with over 35 years in business in the Washington area MMCS offers quality service to its customers. As a result of discussions with MMCS personnel, the Snohomish family received such an attractive Air Conditioning System quote that they decided to additionally upgrade their attached A/C with new equipment that could also provide them with cooling abilities. They were very pleased to get the opportunity to do so with no extra effort on their part.

Following their Air Conditioning System Quote, the family from zip code 98926 were able to proceed with getting the work done very swiftly. MMCS recycled their old equipment and installed a new filter cabinet and MERV 10 filter. As the existing electrical work was in good condition MM Comfort Systems did not suggest that the family replace it. In fact, when the head of the household expressed interest in sealing the ducts himself, MM service contractors made themselves available to provide expert advice if necessary but let him get on with it. After everything was safely in place, MMCS returned to perform an air duct leakage test to demonstrate that the system was correctly working. The contractor left behind a houseful of very happy family members satisfied that the new residential equipment that would last them for many years to come.


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