Customer ExperiencesEdgewood Homeowner Called In When Lennox HPXA19-048-23 Failed and It Required a Heating System Quote

One weekday morning, a resident owner of 980372 zip code in Edgewood area faced a sudden failure in their heating system. Their heat pump was not working. When the heat is absolutely necessary, a failure in-home heating system is overwhelming.

The Edgewood homeowner immediately contacted MMCS. Our experienced heating contractors reached their home promptly and found that the compressor of the heat pump was shorted to the ground. After a thorough examination of the defective part, the heating contractors came to the solution that the old defective Lennox HPXA19-048-23 heat pump would be replaced with a new model of Lennox heat pump XP14-036-230.

As there was no immediate available heating system quote, the installation could not be scheduled until 05/19/11

The Edgewood resident owner had complete trust in over 35 years of experience of MM Comfort Systems. Our expert heating contractors made the essential replacement and repairs in his home heating system on the scheduled date and the homeowner was ready to survive the oncoming winters. We know that in the future he will undoubtedly count on us when there would be an issue regarding his home heating or cooling system.

MMCS Edgewood Heating System Repair Solution: We are proud to offer quality services and keep our customers satisfied and happy. We care for our individual customers and try to serve our best. MMCS is the first and only choice when there is an emergency. Count on us because we care for you.

For your heat pump repair needs be sure to contact MMCS!



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