Customer ExperiencesAnother Residential Heating System Successfully Replaced by MM Comfort Systems in Bellevue

A routine service call went well for this family. Sensibly, they had arranged for regular maintenance of their residential heating system in Bellevue. However, the heating contractor discovered that the secondary heat exchangers on their gas furnace had rusted. This is an extremely dangerous situation, as this can cause carbon monoxide leaks. Carbon monoxide is invisible, odorless and potentially lethal, and the furnace had to be taken out of service immediately. The family was left without any means of heating their home safely.

Fortunately, it was summer, and being without heat was no immediate hardship. However, the customer, after consulting with the MM Comfort Systems Contractor, decided that the best and most expedient option was to replace the furnace. After the discussion, the Carrier model 58MVC080-1-14 was selected as best for their needs. A date of May 24 was set for the installation of the new, reliable furnace. Their Bellevue home would have heat well before winter set in. Their story illustrates the need to have residential heating systems checked regularly, as this problem could easily have resulted in injury or death. Furthermore, had it been discovered in winter, they might have experienced some very cold days and nights before a replacement could be arranged.

Our MM Comfort Systems heating contractor was able to take them through the entire replacement process, resulting in yet another satisfied residential heating customer in Bellevue. We offer reliable service in the 98005 zip code in which this customer lived and throughout the local region.

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