Customer ExperiencesA Lennox AC System (13HPX030, CP-22 pump, CR33-30/36A coil, and X4148 sensor) Installation

Homeowners in Bellevue, Washington wanted to add a new heat pump to the system they already had. They were already happy with their Lennox furnace and wanted to keep using the same brand. The customers already knew what they wanted in terms of specifications, but they needed someone who they could trust to do the job. After looking around on the net, they were able to find us in their zip code (98005.)

The air conditioning contractors took a look at the existing system and the layout of the house. The heat pump would do a good job in terms of removing heat and making the house more comfortable, but the installation was a little tricky. After thoroughly examining the house, the Bellevue air conditioning contractors found a way to install the new heat pump next to the furnace.

MMCS Bellevue AC Installation Solution

Some air conditioning system installations are easy, some are more difficult. On this Bellevue installation, our air conditioning contractors made a tough job look easy. Going through a very tight crawl space, the air conditioning contractors were able to run power from the far side of the house and install the pump next to the furnace. This took some careful planning. They looked at the technical specifications of the Lennox 13HPX030, CP-22 pump, CR33- 30/36A coil, and X4148 sensor. They also looked at the residential homeowners’ requests and did a good installation. The Lennox heat pump was a great addition to their home. The Bellevue home now has a wonderful air conditioning system.


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