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Know where to look for energy leaks in your home.

Everyone wants to save a buck or two. Some of us just want less waste. But understanding how to do that with home energy isn’t always easy. Even if you know some basic steps to increase efficiency, measuring the improvements can be a challenge. You might see a reduction in your energy bill but still feel a constant draft. Maybe you experience more comfort but don’t see your energy bills going down. Home energy efficiency is complicated, but we can help you understand it better.

Top Spots for Improving Efficiency

Many issues can affect your level of comfort. There can be problems with air duct leaks, poor insulation, air flow and more. By inspecting and fixing problems in the following areas of our home, you can make the biggest difference in efficiency, saving you money on energy and putting less strain on your heating system.

  • Insulation – Check attics and crawl spaces for proper insulation. Over time, different conditions can flatten insulation, lowering its R value. In attics, storing boxes on insulation without other support underneath can cause this. Or, rodents could be nesting in the insulation. Replace matted insulation to restore the R value and contain energy in your home.
  • Weather Stripping – Weather stripping doesn’t last forever. It’s especially vulnerable to wear in high traffic areas like the front door. Inspect the condition of weather stripping and replace it where needed. While you’re at it, take a minute to adjust the height of the threshold if you are seeing light come through at the bottom of the door.
  • Caulking – Like weather stripping, caulking wears out after a time. If your caulking looks dry or cracked, it’s time to remove and replace it with new.
  • Exterior Wall Leaks – On exterior walls, electrical boxes can be a major source of heat loss. Contractors rarely take the time to insulate behind and around them. If, after removing an outlet cover, you see that insulation has not been placed, use a foam insulation product to fill in the gaps.
  • Access Doors – The access doors to your crawl space and attic are rarely insulated, allowing warm or cool air to escape. Attach foam or fiberglass insulation to the back of these access doors to prevent it.
  • Duct Work – The ducts that run through attic and basement spaces are heating the wrong parts of your home if they leak. Inspect for holes from corrosion or poor installation and repair them with metal tape.
  • Old Equipment – Even if you seal up every potential energy leak, if your hot water heater or furnace is old, it’s inefficient. That past 10 years have created amazing strides in energy efficiency. Replace equipment older than 7 to 10 years old with new.

MM Comfort Systems Can Audit Your Home for Energy Leaks

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