CoolingHeatingDuctless Split Systems Sales Rise For Seattle / Tacoma Area Heating And Cooling

Ductless split systems are enjoying soaring sales growth while traditional ducted furnace system sales are actually down across the Seattle / Tacoma region. Reasons for this include unique advantages of ductless systems along with various incentive programs.

Ductless system advantages include the fact there is no requirement for duct work – and the space and inevitable heat loss associated with ductwork. Ductless is a great replacement solution for homes or offices without existing ductwork. Many older homes are equipped with expensive to operate electric base board heat, making ductless a natural choice to dramatically reduce energy costs while improving comfort.

Federal tax credits, local utility company incentives and lower energy bills help make ductless an affordable option for many homeowners.
Modern ductless systems use inverter technology, making unprecedented efficiencies possible.

A ductless system is comprised of three basic parts – outdoor unit, indoor “head” and remote control. The outdoor unit connects to the indoor-unit by a small bundle of cables, including a refrigerant line. The cables require only a 3-inch hole in the wall for installation, without expensive or invasive ductwork.

The indoor unit is mounted on a centrally-located wall. Working with your existing heating system, just one ductless system is enough to heat and cool the average-sized Northwest home. Keeping your existing heating system in place ensures bedrooms and bathrooms remain at desired temperatures while the centrally-located ductless system provides heating and cooling to your home’s main living areas.

A remote control is included so that you can adjust your settings for maximum efficiency and comfort.


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