CoolingAir Conditioning And Other Cooling Techniques For Surviving A Summer Pregnancy

You can’t always hide in your home with the air conditioning on. Try these strategies when you’re out.

Because excessive heat can intensify already present pregnancy concerns, moms-to-be should take special precautions during the summer months. Expecting a child is an exciting time in any woman’s life, but a summer pregnancy can be brutal. Not only do you carry extra weight, but the added blood flow can also cause your body temperature to soar.

Check Air Conditioning before It Gets Hot

If your due date is in the summer or fall months, you can expect an uncomfortable summer. Check your air conditioning system now to make sure it is in good working order when you need it. Call an HVAC technician to tune up the system, changing filters and cleaning the coil. On the hottest days, you should stay indoors where it’s cool. But even 75 degrees can feel sweltering when you’re pregnant. That’s why you need fallback strategies for when you’re out and about this summer.

Tips to Keep You Cool While You’re Out and About

The weather is only be warm, but feels unbearable to you? Try these strategies to stay cool:

Go Swimming – Not only is swimming an excellent way to cool off, but aquatic activities are also among the best ways for pregnant women to stay in shape. Your natural buoyancy helps to take pressure of the sciatic nerve, allowing you to feel weightless.

Damp Towels – If a pool is nowhere to be found, try the next best thing: soak washcloths in cool water or place them in the freezer. Carry them with you in a cooler while you’re away from the air conditioning. By placing a damp, cool washcloth on your neck or forehead, you can help to lower your body temperature and minimize sweating.

Carry a Spray Bottle – Like cool towels, a spray bottle can be a godsend when you’re out at a function for the day, like a baseball game or family picnic. Using a spray bottle is an inexpensive way to refresh yourself whenever you feel the heat becomes too much. Stay in the shade and spritz on as much water as you need.

Stay Hydrated – It’s especially important for mother and baby to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water and healthy drinks like milk and juice. Dehydration is dangerous for a pregnant mother and can cause your body temperature to soar. Always have a water bottle on hand.

Wear Breathable Clothing – If you plan to be outdoors and away from the air conditioning, make sure you wear breathable, lightweight, and light-colored fabrics. Allowing air to circulate through light materials that reflect sunlight (instead of absorbing heat) can make a big difference on a hot day.

Let MM Comfort Systems help you stay cool this summer with our air conditioning services.

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