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Consistent maintenance of your home's heating, ventilation and air conditioning system (HVAC) is essential to ensuring its long life and efficient operation. Proper upkeep of this system can help keep you warm or cool during extreme temperatures and may also help you save a little money on your utility bill. read more

We rarely notice the hum of our heating and cooling systems - that is until they stop dead silent in the middle of winter or the hottest day of summer. You can call for maintenance right away, but you'll have to wait for what feels like forever, while the technician performs service on all the other homes with heaters that broke down just before yours did read more

Good maintenance on a commercial HVAC system extends the life of the unit while saving energy costs and lowering repair costs over the life of the unit. Yet only a third of companies surveyed say they have a regularly scheduled maintenance plan for their HVAC systems. read more

Today's high efficiency furnaces include energy saving features which work great but confuse some consumers. Modern furnaces utilize variable speed technology and more sophisticated controls which operate very differently. Seven surprising things informed consumers should know. read more

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