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A new home heating system gives you peace of mind knowing you're running a highly efficient modern system that's saving you money on heating and cooling costs. These systems come with warrantees that give you the comfort of knowing the manufacturer stands behind its product. read more

This May, we were honored among 11 other local contractors by Puget Sound Energy (PSE) for helping you, our customers, make the most of PSE incentives that help you live in more energy-efficient homes. read more

Some smart steps now can help you save on energy and maintenance for summer cooling and winter warming. read more

There are many decisions to make when considering a replacement heating system. You have to decide on the type of fuel to run the system. That could be natural or propane gas, hot water, electricity, geothermal, solar or wind power. The thermostat you choose can have a strong influence on the performance of the system you end up with as well. Then there's the delivery system. Will you go with baseboard, radiant, forced hot air or forced hot water? All of these considerations are secondary to the needs of the climate. Here in Seattle, heat pumps are popular because the heat pump balance makes them the obvious choice. read more

It seemed that winter would last forever, but spring is finally upon us. As the weather warms and you use your heat pump less, it's a good time to run maintenance so it doesn't sit through the spring with dirty or failing components. Don't wait to discover a problem in the heat of summer or the cold of the next winter when you need that heat pump working! read more

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