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When it's time to get a new furnace for your home in Redmond, WA, MM Comfort Systems can take care of the job. Our company can help with any heating installation job that you have for us. Choosing the right heater for your needs can save you money in both the short term and long term. Understanding the differences between electric and gas furnaces can allow you to make informed decisions. Since each situation is unique, various aspects of these units need to be considered before one is chosen. read more

You've had your furnace for a long time, but it's still working. Is it worth it to upgrade to a new furnace now, or should you wait for a full breakdown of your current system to occur first? Here, you'll learn four key differences between old and new furnaces that can help you decide. read more

As winter marches on, we can't help but wonder where we would be without our furnace. It's hard to believe that before the furnace was invented in 1885, we were relying on wood burning stoves in order to fend off the freezing cold. Nowadays, modern heating systems can give us the comfort that we need at the press of a single button. Let's take a moment to look back at the brief history of the furnace so as to really appreciate the impact that it is having on our modern lives. read more

Furnaces are big metal contraptions with internal moving parts, so it's not surprising to hear a few noises now and then when the heater turns on or off. Although most furnaces usually aren't noisy, when it does make a sound we haven't heard before, is it trying to get your attention? read more

Today's high efficiency furnaces include energy saving features which work great but confuse some consumers. Modern furnaces utilize variable speed technology and more sophisticated controls which operate very differently. Seven surprising things informed consumers should know. read more

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