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Old air conditioning systems will only develop more and more problems if they are neglected. Sometimes, though, systems have a way of alerting homeowners to these problems, and one of the ways is through loud noises. The following are five noises that homeowners do not want to hear. If you ever hear any of these noises, inspect your system or call a professional. read more

At MM Comfort Systems, we know that heating and cooling a house is a large expense. Because of this, most modern homes are built to be energy-efficient. In the heating season, they are made to keep the warm air inside. The cooling season requires maintaining a comfortable temperature no matter how hot it is outside. Homes are constructed with a minimum of spaces where air can leak out. read more

Summertime is a fun time of the year to enjoy outdoor festivities. When you are indoors, however, the air conditioner is essential to cool down from the outside heat. Depending on the temperature, you may have to leave it on around the clock to keep the home comfortable. Not only does this extra use of the air conditioner rack up a higher utility bill, but it can also cause the device's calibration to become unbalanced. read more

Air leaks are common in older homes that have gaps near windows and doors. When air gets trapped inside the walls, it can then trickle into the rest of your residence through electrical outlets and gaps in the floorboards. As air from the outside invades your home, the heating and cooling system has to work harder to keep your interior temperature comfortable. In turn, this affects your utility bills. If you suspect your house has air leaks, there are a few ways you can check. read more

Your home is your largest investment and asset, and the right HVAC company for you needs to not only be up to date on the latest trends and methods of caring for your system, they need to truly care about your home and family, too. read more

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