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MM Comfort Systems has served Seattle, Redmond, and Sumner for more than five decades. In that time, we have installed both furnaces and fireplaces. As more homeowners seek energy-efficient ways to heat their homes, we are often asked whether furnaces are more efficient than fireplaces. read more

When winter descends on the Seattle-Redmond-Sumner area, you can expect your home's furnace to run quite often. However, it by no means should be running all the time. If you notice that your furnace continues to run even when your home has seemingly hit its target temperature, check to see if one of these issues might be the culprit. read more

It's not an uncommon problem: After your heating unit shuts off, you notice that some rooms are warm while others remain cold. Assuming that you don't have zoning controls and dampers for your system, there are several possible explanations for this. read more

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