Air QualityWill Duct Cleaning Remove Mold?

Mold has become a well-recognized health issue. It affects air quality and complicates illnesses like allergies, asthma, and fatigue. It can contribute to secondary infections, especially in younger or elderly populations. It can even interfere with normal development in growing children. Fortunately, many solutions are available to solve mold issues. Along with air cleaners and the latest in HVAC technology, duct cleaning removes layers of dust, mold, and other particulates that get into the air we breathe. But does duct cleaning really remove mold from the environment? Will it improve air quality?

Duct Cleaning

The short answer is: YES! Duct cleaning can be a very important aspect of regular HVAC maintenance and inspection. We have a carefully designed and well-developed method for cleaning the ductwork of any home or commercial property. By cleaning and inspecting your ductwork we can determine what if any allergens and other particulates, including mold, might be hidden away in your system’s ducts. If it’s been a long time since this work has been done, or you’ve never had it done, then you should seriously consider having the ducts on your property inspected, cleaned, and maintained. The effect on the indoor air quality will be pretty immediate. You may find that your health or the health of people who live or work within the environment will improve for months to come.

Other Areas Of The House Or Office

The neat thing about regular maintenance like duct cleaning is that it affects all other parts of the house or office as well. Cleaning becomes easier because there is less dust. Mold finds it harder to get a grip in corners or closets. The environment smells better and people may feel more comfortable without even recognizing why.

Our Air Quality Services

MM Comfort Systems offer everything from regularly scheduled maintenance and inspections of your heating and air conditioning to emergency services for those sudden incidents that happen at the worst possible time. We can educate homeowners on the best way to monitor and use their heating and cooling systems. Our customers often seem to really enjoy learning more about how their HVAC systems affect their everyday lives. Call us today for any of our services and learn how you can make your HVAC investment work at peak performance and provide a healthier living or working environment!


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