Air DuctsWhat Are The Benefits Of Having Clean Air Ducts?

Ordinary dirt and dust can accumulate in your air ducts over time. But if you have pets, smoke, just completed a remodeling project or have people in your home with allergies or asthma, it’s important to keep clean air ducts.

Improved Air Quality and Health

Some people are more sensitive to air pollution, such as the elderly, young children and those with allergies and asthma, and air duct cleaning can help them. Indoor air quality can be improved with air duct cleaning. Many contaminants can get picked up by the HVAC system and recirculated. Over time, air recirculation can cause buildup and can contribute to a number of different health problems, including respiratory health problems, environmental allergies, and autoimmune disorders. Even if there isn’t anyone in the home with any health problems or someone susceptible to breathing problems, clean air ducts can help everyone breathe easier and live in a clean house.

Remove Odors

Any smell in the house- including those from pets, household cleaning agents, mold, and food decomposition -can contribute to a stale smell in the air duct. When your system runs, air recirculates through the house. With properly cleaned air ducts, you can remove the odor trapping particles so your home will smell fresh.

Save Money

Air duct cleaning also improves your energy savings. If your HVAC system is clean, it won’t have to work as hard to maintain the temperature you want. When the system isn’t always running and working as hard, it leads to more energy savings. Meaning your system will last longer, increasing savings since you won’t have to replace parts and pay for repairs.

Increased Air Flow

When ducts are dirty, it can impede airflow, which means it won’t cool or heat your house as well. With clean air ducts, the air will flow much better, making your home that much more comfortable.

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