Air ConditioningWill Air Conditioning Remove Humidity?

Having air conditioning is a great thing, and even when you live in an area like Seattle, Tacoma, or Redmond where the summers are milder than a lot of areas, it can still get hot and uncomfortable. One of the reasons for the discomfort is the humidity, and keeping that humidity out of your home can really help you feel better. But what’s the best way to do that? Do you need to buy a dehumidifier, or can your air conditioning unit handle the job? For most applications, you’ll be happy to know that your AC can be enough to dry out the air in your home.

How Do AC Units Get Rid of Humidity?

When you get an AC unit from MM Comfort Systems, you’ll be getting more than just a system that blows cool air. Most people think that’s how air conditioning works. It blows cold air into your home, and eventually that cools down the warm air that was already present. But that’s only partially accurate. An AC unit does blow cold air, but it also removes both heat and humidity at the same time. That helps it cool the home faster, so you can be comfortable more quickly and feel better in your space. Even in milder climates, it can get hot, humid, and stuffy in a home or a business if there’s no air conditioning.

Refrigerant is the Key to a Comfortable Home

The refrigerant that’s found in the air conditioning system is the key to getting the humidity out of the house. The refrigerant absorbs heat, and air conditioners are equipped with a pan that pulls humidity out of the heated air and turns it into water. Then that water drains out, so it doesn’t stay in the house where it can add to problems with comfort. Every time your air conditioner runs it does that, so your home can stay comfortable and have lower humidity levels. If your home is staying cool but it feels clammy, your AC unit may need to be serviced to determine why the humidity isn’t leaving the home the way it should.

Reach out to us at MM Comfort Systems today, and let us help you with the installation of a new AC unit or the maintenance or repair of the one you already have. We know what it’s like to go through a Seattle area summer without air conditioning, and we want to help you get the humidity out of your home, so you can be comfortable there all year long.


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