Air ConditioningThe Five Worst Sounds An AC Unit Can Make

Old air conditioning systems will only develop more and more problems if they are neglected. Sometimes, though, systems have a way of alerting homeowners to these problems, and one of the ways is through loud noises. The following are five noises that homeowners do not want to hear. If you ever hear any of these noises, inspect your system or call a professional.

1. Clanging, Rattling, and Banging

Clanging and rattling noises almost always indicate a loose part hitting against another part, such as the compressor or the blower unit. Loose parts will eventually disconnect. Disconnected and broken parts will make even more loud banging noise.

2. Screeching and Squealing

A dirty fan blade or part needing lubrication may cause a slight squeaking sound. Higher in intensity are screeching and squealing sounds, which often signify a malfunctioning fan motor, blower motor, or compressor. Worn fan belts are also prone to squeal.

3. Hissing

Hissing may be a sign of a vent leak. Though not a major issue, it will cause the AC system to work harder and longer to do its job, decreasing its life span and increasing one’s electricity bills. A more high-pitched screaming sound may indicate a refrigerant leak, which is more serious. Refrigerant is a health and environmental hazard.

4. Clicking

Owners should not fret when the system clicks each time it turns on and off; this is normal. Constant clicking may be due to an electrical problem or a failing thermostat.

5. Buzzing

Buzzing can be linked with any number of issues from loose parts to unbalanced fan blades to a failing blower unit. It may also signify something as easy to address as a dirty air filter. Debris on the condenser coil may cause buzzing; more crucially, it can cause the AC to blow out lukewarm air. MM Comfort Systems has been repairing AC units throughout Redmond, Sumner and the surrounding areas since 1977. In fact, we provide a range of HVAC services. Call today, and one of our technicians can inspect your unit for you.


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