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Jul 28

MM Comfort BLOG

MM Comfort Systems Provides Redmond Air Conditioning Solution With Carrier Brand

Posted by MM Comfort BLOG

Even in the northwest, summers can get hot. Although this family had managed without air conditioning, it seemed that each summer was getting harder and harder to handle. Therefore, they decided that it was time to add an air conditioning system to their Redmond home. They called MM Comfort Systems, wanting a solution that was energy efficient and practical for their slightly larger than medium sized house.

MM Comfort Systems Air Conditioning Solution

The existing furnace system was in good condition. Our contractors established that the best location for the new air conditioning was about ten feet from the furnace. There was a good electronics panel on the same wall, which had cutter hammer 200 amp 7 blanks. Thus, we were able to use existing electrics and stat. After considering the size of the home and the needs of the customer, we recommended the Carrier 38HDR036 air conditioning system with a CNPVP1736 coil. This unit was the right size and strength to fulfil their cooling needs without excessive power use.

After receiving our very reasonable quote, the customer was satisfied and gave the go ahead for the work. The family now knows that next summer, they will have a cool and pleasant home to enjoy no matter how many heat waves hit. MMCS offers heating and air conditioning solutions throughout the Seattle and Redmond area. Our contractors have the expertise to do the job quickly, well, and for a reasonable price.