Air ConditioningIs It Bad To Run My Cooling System 24/7?

When warm months hit the Seattle area, your air conditioner needs to be ready to go. An annual inspection and tune-up is always a good idea heading into the summer because once the temperatures rise, your cooling system needs to be prepared for the long haul. The hot summer months can lead homeowners to wonder how often they should actually be running their cooling system. A thermostat can be set to “On” so that the fan always runs, even when the air conditioner is not on. Is there concern about running a cooling system 24/7?  Let’s get to the truth about a few fairly common questions related to running a cooling system continuously.

Won’t That Make My Energy Costs Go Up?

This rationale makes sense. Most homeowners think that the more their cooling system runs, the more energy they’re using, which will reflect in their monthly bill. Today’s cooling systems are quite efficient, so running the fan continuously does not expend excessive energy. Also, running your system 24/7 could save you money in the long run. Circulating the air in your home can eliminate random hot spots, which can trigger your air conditioner to kick on.

Does That Mean a Lot of Wear and Tear on My Air Conditioner and Fan?

You don’t have to worry about running your cooling system continuously — it’s designed for that very purpose. Don’t be worried about wearing out the components of your system or even risking premature breakdowns, either.

Does It Even Make a Difference?

Running your cooling system nonstop comes with a variety of benefits. Not only can you cool your home more evenly (especially two-story homes), but circulating more air can enhance your air quality, as more of it passes through your home’s air filter.

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