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Heating and Cooling without Bulky Ductwork

Tiny houses are an interesting trend. People looking to reduce their carbon footprints and living expenses are finding that living in a tiny house isn’t so bad. In fact, they find many unexpected benefits, such as spending more time outdoors and having less “stuff” to deal with. It’s simple living in its purest form, but building a tiny house limits some of your options in building materials, appliances and of course, heating and cooling. If you’re planning to build a tiny house, look at these ductless space saving options for heating and cooling.

Tiny is Really Tiny

Tiny houses aren’t just small. They are really, really small. We’re talking between 80 and 1000 square feet. It’s not uncommon to find tiny houses on trailers that are just 200 square feet. That leaves no room for ductwork. So, how do you get the air moving in your tiny house? And how do you keep it warm enough in winter and cool enough in summer? Well, because they are so exceptionally small, tiny homes are also easier to heat and cool.

Heating and Cooling a Tiny House

Tiny houses tend to run on solar power. You can only draw so much sun, especially here in the Northwest. You may need to supplement with a power cord or generator at times. Reducing your energy usage will help as well.

Aside from downsizing to a washer/drying combo, compact dishwasher and mini-fridge, you’ll need to downsize your HVAC as well. Here, a ductless minisplit is ideal. Designed for single rooms, they are perfect for a tiny house that is the size of a traditional home’s living room.

Portable air conditioners are an option as well, but they aren’t as efficient as mini-splits or window units. Window units appeal to some because the homeowner can install it himself, but these units are noisy and unattractive when viewed from outside the home. It may be harder to find a heat pump in this configuration to serve as cooler and heater. Minisplits however, are nearly silent. They are well worth the cost of a professional HVAC contractor who will be needed to install it. The outdoor unit can be concealed in a miniature shed along with the home’s solar battery packs.

In a Tiny House, Function Comes First

Building tiny means rethinking what your home means to you. Those who go through the effort of building tiny houses see homes as practical necessities, so they don’t spend more than they need to in staying protected from the elements. Ductless HVAC systems fit that philosophy perfectly, providing heating and cooling while using very little energy.

Ask MM Comfort about Heating and Cooling for Your Tiny House Project

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