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Prevent air conditioning failures so you don’t lose business to the heat!

Failing air conditioning units can lead to disastrous consequences for institutions and businesses. Many companies close their doors in hot weather from malfunctioning air conditioning systems. When the summer heat intensifies, businesses can’t afford the loss of business. That’s why every business needs to keep the system in good operating condition and check on it before the hottest weather hits. Here are just a few examples of the damage hot summer days can cause:

DMV Closes in Las Vegas – The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in Las Vegas suffered from an excessive heat index and a malfunctioning air conditioning unit. Inside the building, the temperature was approaching 100 degrees after one of the two units failed. Motorists had to use another DMV office or the organization’s Web site instead. They had to close the office and send employees home.

Police Department Shuts Doors – In Savannah, GA, the Savannah-Chatham Metro Police Department Central Precinct had to close its doors due to a malfunctioning air conditioner. The captain and commander of the precinct set his detectives to other precincts and his clerical staff home after temperatures in the building continued to climb into the mid-90s. Keeping employees in the building at such high temperatures was just too dangerous to their health.

Busy Road Damaged in Seattle – In Seattle, WA, a road buckled under the heat, causing closures in the area until the damage could be repaired. While the road itself remained open, the four-lane road was cut down to one lane in each direction as crews begin to work on repairs. While such damage is not common, it is typical of hot weather. The National Weather issued an excessive heat warning, and many suppliers in Seattle are running out of air conditioning units in the rush of those looking desperately to cool down.

How to Prevent Business Closing During Hot Weather

You can prevent business losses from air conditioning problems in several ways. First, call a technician to come out and check your air conditioning system for problems before the heat hits. A technician can often identify sources of potential trouble before it arises.

Also remember to protect the electrical power supply to each unit. This addresses the single largest reason air conditioning systems fail. Voltage surges and dips can damage the circuitry in air conditioning units. By installing voltage surge-suppression devices, you greatly reduce your chances of a breakdown.

Finally, make sure the unit is properly grounded. Lightning strikes can destroy the system. This type of catastrophic failure would force you to invest in a completely new system.

MM Comfort Systems will keep your air condition in top condition, reducing the chances of your business closing.

Our service experts know how to check and repair your air conditioning system to cut the chances of a business closing during hot weather. Call us at 425.533.9058 or use our contact form for a free air conditioning consultation.


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