Air ConditioningDo You Need Climate Control In Your Garage?

While home heating and cooling are typically seen as necessities, climate control in the garage is often treated as a luxury. However, adding heating and cooling to your Seattle garage allows you to use this space year-round. Ahead, you’ll find five of the top reasons to equip your garage with climate control.

1. Protect Your Cars

Your cars are an investment. Storing them at an even temperature throughout the year helps protect their tires, batteries and other components. You’ll find climate control especially important if you have a collection of restored cars or a motorcycle that gets put away for the winter.

2. Maintain a Year-round Workshop

Whether you’re into car restoration or carpentry, the garage might be your favorite place to work. Extreme heat or cold can limit the time that you spend there. When you add heating and cooling to your garage workshop, you’ll be able to comfortably use the space year-round.

3. Create an Entertainment Space

You may have more open space in your garage than in your home. As long as the garage temperature is comfortable, the open area can make a great spot to hang out. In a climate-controlled garage, you can watch the big game with friends or host children’s birthday parties.

4. Grow Temperature-sensitive Plants

Most gardeners are at the mercy of the weather. Once temperatures drop below freezing, outdoor gardening work stops. To continue this hobby all winter long, consider heating your garage so you can cultivate seedlings or keep your potted plants thriving.

5. Work Out in a Home Gym

When the temperature is right, your garage can be a great place to work out. You can set up yoga mats on the floor or bring in gym equipment. When your garage is a pleasant temperature, you’ll be more likely to exercise regularly. MM Comfort Systems has heating and cooling options for your garage, home or commercial property in Seattle. Call us today to learn how we can help with climate control, water heaters, and duct cleaning.


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