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People have been forced to stay in their homes due to the recent pandemic. That means we are breathing in the air in our homes more than ever. People want to make the air in their homes as clean as possible, but it can be difficult with some of the myths about indoor air quality floating around. When you know the truth, you can make the right decisions and get the best results. Here are some common indoor air quality myths:

1. Indoor Air Is Better than Outdoor Air

Many people think that indoor air is cleaner than outdoor air, especially in urban areas. Urban areas produce a lot of pollution due to all of the factories and cars on the highways. We think that the home must be cleaner because we have filters in HVAC systems and clean regularly. However, the truth of the matter is that the air inside our homes is probably more polluted than the air outside. The pollution outside has the space to spread out and to dissipate as opposed to the pollution in your home, which has nowhere to go.

2. Air Fresheners Are Good for Air Quality

Many people buy air fresheners thinking that they will contribute to better air quality inside of the home. However, air fresheners are only designed to help the area smell better. They don’t help clean the air in any way. In fact, they may only contribute to poor air quality. Many air fresheners have chemicals that can get into the air.

3. The Filter in HVAC Systems Works on Its Own

Each HVAC unit has a filter that helps pick up the dust and other contaminants in the air for you. Many people let the system run and assume that the filter is working properly on its own. Many people don’t realize, however, that they have to clean or change the filter in order for it to work at top efficiency. There is usually an indicator light on the unit to let you know when it’s time to tend to the filter. If it’s a filter you need to change, have filters on hand. If it’s a filter you have to clean, simply remove it, clean it, and put it back. If you don’t clean the filter, the gunk it picks up can get blown back into your home, making the air quality even worse.

4. It Is Expensive and Difficult To Improve Air Quality

Many people assume that they have to spend a lot of money and experience a number of headaches in order to improve the air quality in their homes. However, there are a number of inexpensive and easy things people can do to improve air quality. Some things you can do today include:

  • Vacuum and dust regularly
  • Keep pets outside
  • Prohibit smoking inside
  • Buy an air purifier

When you do these things, you should experience a change in your air quality relatively quickly without having to spend a lot of money or energy.

5. Indoor Air Quality Doesn’t Affect Your Health

Some people assume that air quality isn’t really that serious. They figure that poor air quality won’t really affect them. However, this is not the case. Air quality can take a serious toll on your health. The biggest concern involves your respiratory health. When you breathe in poor air, it gets into your lungs. In some cases, it can damage your lungs or throat, and poor air quality can even lead to cancer. Don’t think that poor air quality can’t affect the health of you or your family because it can. This is the biggest reason to attack the issue right away. The longer you breathe in polluted air, the more likely you are to experience negative effects.

6. New Homes Have Good Air Quality

Some people make the mistake of assuming that new homes have great air quality since people haven’t been living in them and causing indoor pollution. However, the construction process is filled with contaminants. Building a house allows dust to get into the air. Painting also puts chemicals into the air. Don’t move into a new house assuming that the air will be clean. Take precautions right away.

7. HVAC Systems Alone Can Manage Air Quality

Many people think that all they need to keep the air clean in their homes is the filter in the HVAC system. However, the filter can only do so much. It picks up pollution near it rather than in other areas of the house. Plus, it can only pick up so much pollution at a time. You need to look into additional methods if you really want to help make the air in your home clean.

8. Household Plants Improve Air Quality

Plants produce clean oxygen. That’s why many people choose to put plants into their homes to help improve air quality. For the plants to make a real difference, however, you would need something similar to a greenhouse in your home. Plants are purely decorative, and you should not fill your home with the intention of getting cleaner air. There are much better ways to accomplish your goal. It also doesn’t matter what type of plant you choose because they all produce the same results.

9. Air Ducts Work Without Service

Air ducts carry air throughout your home. Most people leave the air ducts for years without service, assuming that they can’t get dirty because they think that only air travels through them. Unfortunately, that air could be contaminated itself. Plus, dust and other particles can accumulate. You need to get regular maintenance to ensure that the ducts stay clean. Call your local HVAC professionals at MM Comfort Systems to clean your air ducts at least once a year. When the ducts are clean, the air won’t pick up any additional contaminants as it travels through your home.

10. Ozone Gas Can Help Remove Contaminants

There are ozone gas generators sold with the purpose of helping clean air inside the home. Ozone is a substance composed of three atoms of oxygen. Two atoms are stable whereas the third can attach to other things around it and can change their chemical compositions. Unfortunately, they aren’t very effective in the home. In fact, it can take years to show any sort of effect. Also, it doesn’t remove particles in the air. Instead, it just changes them. This means it doesn’t get rid of pollutants in any way. MM Comfort Systems is here to help you improve the air quality in your home the right way without listening to all of the myths out there. We offer new construction, installation, service, and repair for your furnace. We provide the same services for ACs and heat pumps. If you’re in the Seattle, Redmond, or Tacoma areas, let us help you make sure that your indoor air is safe and healthy for you and your family. Call us today.


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