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An important decision that homeowners need to make regards how to cool or heat their homes – the benefits of a Hybrid AC Split System are extensive. A variety of equipment is available to help you accomplish this goal. Even so, you might not be aware of the existence and usefulness of a hybrid AC split system. Typically, a hybrid AC split system consumes whatever fuel is available in a season. It can use electricity, gas, or oil to heat or cool your home.

Conventional HVAC setups include a furnace and an air conditioner whereas a hybrid split system comprises a furnace and a heat pump. With a hybrid system, you define an ideal temperature. If the outdoor temperature falls below or rises above this point, the system assumes control of your home’s temperature.

Here are four benefits of installing a hybrid split AC system in your home:

1. System and Fuel Flexibility

A hybrid split system is energy efficient as it can switch between oil and gas depending on affordability. What’s more, it can switch from the furnace mode to heat pump mode based on prevailing temperatures. As long as temperatures are above 40 degrees, heat pumps produce high energy levels while consuming less fuel. However, heat pumps are cost inefficient during winter. In contrast, when temperatures get low, an AC system switches from electric heat pump mode to furnace mode. This lets the system convert 90 percent of fuel into heat keeping your home warm and cozy.

2. Dual Components in a Single System

MM Comfort Systems range of AC systems integrates several components of a hybrid AC system into a single unit. In this way, you have access to a fully customizable split system that meets your unique needs. Either, you can set your unit to switch between modes automatically or you can do it manually based on prevailing weather conditions. What’s more, you can even choose the location of your unit either on the ground or on the rooftop!

3. Enhanced Comfort Levels

Sometimes, summers are unbearably hot. For this reason, MM Comfort Systems offers products that can deliver optimal circulation of cool air, improved humidity control, and efficient cooling. As a result, homeowners maximize the comfort of their homes.

4. Reduced Environmental Impact

Increasingly, Greater Seattle homeowners worry about the environmental friendliness of their properties. If you are concerned about your home’s carbon footprint, you should consider installing a hybrid split AC system. Though a split AC system requires fuel for its furnace, typically the system relies on outdoor heat and air to control your home’s temperature.

We offer residential and commercial hybrid split AC systems

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