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When winter descends on the Seattle-Redmond-Sumner area, you can expect your home's furnace to run quite often. However, it by no means should be running all the time. If you notice that your furnace continues to run even when your home has seemingly hit its target temperature, check to see if one of these issues might be the culprit. read more

It's not an uncommon problem: After your heating unit shuts off, you notice that some rooms are warm while others remain cold. Assuming that you don't have zoning controls and dampers for your system, there are several possible explanations for this. read more

While home heating and cooling are typically seen as necessities, climate control in the garage is often treated as a luxury. However, adding heating and cooling to your Seattle garage allows you to use this space year-round. Ahead, you'll find five of the top reasons to equip your garage with climate control. read more

Your furnace got a nice rest over the summer. Is it ready to start working again? In just a few simple steps, you can prepare your furnace for another season of safe, smooth operation. read more

MM Comfort Systems understands the importance of having exceptional air quality in your home. If you have pets, their fur and dander can decrease the health of the air in your residence. Pets also track in a lot of dirt that can cause a variety of issues. There are several steps you can take to counteract the effect of pets on indoor air quality. read more

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