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If you have recently noticed that your building's thermostat doesn't seem to be displaying the correct temperature, you may be a bit worried. As you might expect, there are quite a few potential reasons for an incorrect reading. These are a few of them. read more

Zoning systems offer a great level of convenience and comfort. In addition to being energy efficient, these systems can provide everyone in your home with the temperature that they desire. Here are three advantages to having a zoning system. read more

Carrier is a leading name in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. Established in 1915, the company is now more than 100 years old and has helped to shape the HVAC industry. An HVAC service provider that installs Carrier products can become a Carrier factory authorized dealer, so let us look at what that means and what benefits it has for the service provider and thus its customers. read more

Maintaining your air conditioner throughout the year is necessary to avoid potential issues that can develop if proper care and attention aren't provided. Changing the air filter is an integral part of maintaining the appliance and should be more of a priority than most people make it. read more

Any buildup of dirt in the air ducts will influence the air quality in the building because the grime and particles will circulate. You can breathe easier and take a deep breath after performing duct cleaning because dust and pollutants will be removed. There will also be less of a risk of sinus or bronchial congestion with a cleaner air supply. read more

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