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MM Comfort Systems

"I was very satisfied with the comfort consultant.. He showed my wife and I the difference between air conditioning units and heat pumps and how the heat pumps could save home comfort. The installers always asked for my opinion on the placement of parts and any problems that came up. MM Comfort Systems took care of the permits and scheduling of the inspectors. The inspection was passed with only noise problem. The noise inspector called and said it was no issue unless the neighbor complained. I was very happy with the whole experience of having the heat pump installed.

Thank you, Ernie and Hue."


Seattle, Wa
December 16, 2015 "Consultant was very helpful and gave us all the information we needed. We had quotes from other companies but chose MM because...

Micheal - Seattle, WA

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"Would recommend you to anyone. My mom also thanks you for the $100 referral check!"

Caelin - Seattle, WA

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"You guys were great! We love MM Comfort Systems"

Paul & Terri - Renton, WA

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