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Lifebreath HRV (2500sqf) 200MAX

The Lifebreath HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilator) 200MAX can replace old, stale air in your house up to eight times in one day. Using the Lifebreath HRV is the most efficiant way to improve the air quality in every room of your house. Utilizing a design that keeps incoming and outgoing air totally seperate while balanced ventilation ensures what is expelled is replaced by an equal amount of fresh air, eliminating pet dander, harmful fumes, and odors from pets, cooking and bathrooms while also removing mold, fungus and mildew causing moisture.

With capacity to cover up to 2,500 square feet of indoor area, the Lifebreath HRV 200MAX is ideal for most residential applications.

"Knowledgeable and a craftsman"

Ron - Seattle, WA

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"Marty does great work."

Mike - Fall City, Wa

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"We are now enjoying warm toes! The furnace is quiet and efficient. I would highly recommend the furnace and MM Comfort Systems to my family and...

Ross - Bothell, WA

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