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Mitsubishi Multi-room Heat Pump MXZ-2B20NA

Up-to 4 indoor units on one outdoor heat pump unit.

Multiple Rooms With Individual Control From a Single System With a multi-room system, you can enjoy your ideal level of comfort in the most important rooms in your home.Each room (zone) operates independently.People in difference rooms – the kitchen, master bedroom or living room – can enjoy temperature settings that make each of them most comfortable.

If you’re looking for a complete comfort solution for several different rooms, the MXZ multi-room system is the right choice. The system is flexible enough to conform to your particular cooling and heating needs, with over 40 different indoor unit combinations, up to four indoor units connected to one outdoor unit. And now, with a SEZ horizontal ducted unit, you can enjoy an even greater range of zoning options provided by an MXZ system.

An MXZ multi-room system is an excellent choice for supplementing capacity to your current system or to condition newly finished spaces or new additions.You can also benefit from lower energy costs year-round while staying comfortable, thanks to Mitsubishi’s energy-efficient technologies.

The new dual-zone MXZ-2B20 system with two MSZ-GE09 wall-mounted indoor units also qualifies for both ENERGY STAR® and the Federal Tax Credit.

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Bob - Issaquah, WA

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