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Carrier BW2 Comfort 80 Boiler

The Comfort 80 Boiler is just what you'd expect with traditional Carrier quality: cast iron exchanger and gas-fired. Our advanced engineering keeps your bills low, with up to 81.5 AFUE rating.

  • Up to 81.6% AFUE
  • Cast iron
  • Gas-fired models
  • Water or steam models
  • Standard standing pilot or optional electronic ignition
  • Electric vent damper
  • Stainless steel/titanium alloy composite burners
  • Compact design
  • 20-year parts limited warranty on section; 5-year parts limited warranty (BW1, BW2)
  • 12-year parts limited warranty on section; 5-year parts limited warranty (BS1, BS2)
  • Casing: Full Fiberglass Insulation
  • Nipples: Cast Iron Push
  • Dimensions (inches): 11 - 27 1/4"
  • Control Type: Integrated boiler control
  • Energy Efficiency: 80.7% - 81.6% AFUE
  • Rated Heating Input: 37,500 - 280,000
  • Rated Heating Capacity: 30,000 - 226,000
  • Heat Format: Water
  • Limited Warranty: 5-year parts limited warranty; 20-year parts limited warranty on section
  • Warranty: 20-year non-prorated warranty
  • Quiet Level: 5
  • Energy Efficiency: 4
  • Durability: 5
  • Cast Iron
  • Burners: Titanium Composite
  • Ignition: Electronic
  • Vent Damper: Automatic
  • Fuel: Gas
"Many thanks to Bobbi, Erik and Jesse. The installation went very well. Eric & Jesse were efficient and left my garage cleaner than when they arrived.

Robin - Seattle, WA

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"Vince was very knowledgeable and professional. Steve and Kevin were very polite, worked hard and finished on time. I was very pleased."

Sheila - Renton, WA

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"Excellent sales. Excellent installation. Very - Very good performance. Without a doubt would recommend MM Comfort Systems."

Bryan - Bellevue, WA

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