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Feb 16

MM Comfort BLOG

Keep Those Air Ducts Clean All Year Round

Posted by MM Comfort BLOG

You were probably already aware that clean air is essential to a healthy lifestyle. Without it, we wouldn’t last too long! What you might not be aware of is a potential source of air contamination lurking in the shadows of your own home. Studies have shown that heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems can act as a collection source for a myriad of nasty contaminants which have the potential to adversely affect your health. Everything from small particles of dust to mold, fungi and bacteria can thrive in neglected air ducts. The inspection and possible cleaning of HVAC duct systems should be an annual priority if in-home air quality is to be maintained.

Signs of Duct Contamination

A visual inspection of your home’s air ducts will go a long way in helping determine if you have a contamination problem. If an inspection shows any dust or debris, the system should not be considered clean. This in turn should raise a red flag that the potential for contamination exists.

While it’s possible to inspect air ducts yourself, an experienced HVAC professional will generally have better access to difficult-to-reach system components and can make sure a thorough investigation is carried out.

Another reliable indicator of household air quality can be found by examining the general well-being of those living under the roof. If anybody is suffering from allergies, asthma, or other respiratory ailments, there is a chance poor air quality as a result of contamination may be causing or aggravating the issue. Additional health symptoms can include frequent headaches, fatigue, nasal congestion, and irritated eyes.

How Often Should You Clean Your Home’s Air Ducts?

The short answer to this is, as often as necessary! In reality, how frequently you will need to clean your HVAC system will depend on a variety of factors. A few of these might include:

  • Moving into a new home;
  • If you have pets that shed a great deal;
  • After home improvement projects;
  • If there are smokers living in the household;
  • And of course, if any residents appear to be suffering from possible air contamination-related ailments

How Is a Residential Air Duct System Cleaned?

The process always begins with thorough inspection of the HVAC system as a whole to ensure it is functioning properly and to find potential problems, including leaks. Following inspection, the HVAC cleaning specialist will generally employ a specialized vacuum that places the system under negative pressure. Additional tools and devices may be inserted into the ducts to assist in dislodging any debris that remains stuck to interior surfaces. Additionally, if the air duct system has been contaminated by smoke or water intrusion, sanitizers may be applied using ultra-low volume sprayers.

Looking for Air Duct Cleaning?

It is vital to use a trusted professional to carry out the air duct cleaning process. This will guarantee the work will be done right, and you and your family can breathe easier knowing the air flowing through your home is clean and healthy!

MM Comfort Systems is an experienced air duct cleaning company that can service your home or commercial building in the Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond or Tacoma area. Call us today at 425-881-7920 for recommendations on your building and to hear our current specials.


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