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Feb 16

Amanda Eister

Carrier Inverter Heat Pump - Revolutionary Technology!

Posted by Amanda Eister

Coming soon, Carrier has announced the application of inverter technology to it's domestic style split heat pump systems. The revolutionary heat pump will completely change the performance and operation cost benefits of split system heat pumps. Here to for this technology was only available in the niche' market of "ductless" split heat pumps. These have been available only in the smaller sizes and with limited use for general home comfort needs. The new Carrier product will apply very much the same as traditional ducted split systems, addressing the entire house need.

The inverter technology will provide nearly linear heating, much like gas or electric heat, down to approximately 5 degrees! The result will be total home heating with the new heat pump well below the typical 30-35 degrees of traditional heat pumps.

The energy savings should be dramatic!

We here at MM Comfort Systems will receive "first wave" training. We hope to have limited product available shortly after our training. After we come back from training let us help you understand how the new technology can improve comfort and efficiency in your home.