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Air Duct Services

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 Air Duct Services Ensure Furnaces and Heat Pumps Deliver Efficiency
Leaky duct work can be the single biggest energy waster in a typical home. It can also compromise indoor air quality, attract unwanted rodents and make comfort difficult or impossible to maintain.
Investment in an energy efficient furnace or heat pump will not provide the desired return if conditioned air is being distributed through leaky or disconnected duct work. Unfortunately, historical construction standards did not include attention to a carefully installed duct work system.
Times have changed. New construction standards are stringent. The Washington State Energy Code (effective January 1, 2011) also has requirements for existing homes. The code requires duct pressure testing be performed at the time any furnace, heat pump or air conditioner is installed. This requirement is intended to reduce energy consumption by increasing consumer awareness of the need ensure duct work systems are not needlessly leaky. While duct sealing was also required in the new code an emergency rule was passed eliminating the mandatory sealing requirement.
Air Duct Services offered by MM Comfort Systems provides cost effective solutions homeowners need including:
• Duct testing
• Duct sealing
• Duct insulation
• Duct cleaning
• Filtration systems

All of these services are done right by trained, friendly professionals who care about your comfort, efficiency and healthy living environment. Be good to yourself while also being environmentally responsible.
Our local experts are available to help with a full range of home performance needs ranging from furnaces, heat pumps, air conditioners, tankless hot water and indoor air quality to emergency generators and fireplace inserts.


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