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Are expensive air filters actually worth the investment? Your AC unit is a huge part of your life, after all. It keeps you cool in the summer and makes sure your home is as comfortable as possible. At MM Comfort Systems, we know that the decision about what to spend on filters is a tough one. read more

Dirty, clogged air ducts not only hurt the efficiency of your furnace, they can also be tough on you and your family's lungs, leading to health problems. This is especially true for people who have asthma or issues with allergies. Spring is great time to inspect ducts for dust and debris that can choke up you and any HVAC system. read more

Did you know that tankless water heaters are extremely efficient? Approximately 20 percent of your home's energy costs come from heating water for everything from running the dishwasher to bathing, so why not consider the newest in tankless technology? read more

You were probably already aware that clean air is essential to a healthy lifestyle. Without it, we wouldn't last too long! What you might not be aware of is a potential source of air contamination lurking in the shadows of your own home. Studies have shown that heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems can act as a collection source for a myriad of nasty contaminants which have the potential to adversely affect your health. Everything from small particles of dust to mold, fungi and bacteria can thrive in neglected air ducts. The inspection and possible cleaning of HVAC duct systems should be an annual priority if in-home air quality is to be maintained. read more

Furnaces are big metal contraptions with internal moving parts, so it's not surprising to hear a few noises now and then when the heater turns on or off. Although most furnaces usually aren't noisy, when it does make a sound we haven't heard before, is it trying to get your attention? read more

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