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Knowing The 15 Year HVAC Rule

carrier-ac-fad.pngAs a company that has many years of experience installing and repairing HVAC systems, MM Comfort Systems knows that there will come a time for most owners of HVAC systems to consider replacing their existing system. Not only do we do the Best HVAC Installations, we also provide Air Conditioner Repair for Bellevue WA residents. The question on the minds of many homeowners is when to get a new HVAC system. It is not an easy question because if the system has been working great and the problems are few and far between. But since higher energy efficient systems have been developed, professional HVAC installers and contractors have been using the 15 Year Rule. And it has a lot to do with saving you money.

The 15 Year Rule - What It Is

The 15 Year Rule says basically that when your existing HVAC system passes 15 years of regular use you should have it replaced. (This rule was made a few years ago, so it may the 12 Year Rule by now. But you get the idea.) The simple reason is that older systems are less energy efficient and create a larger carbon footprint. This ends up costing the owner more money in annual fuel bills as well as being environmentally unfriendly. It is one of those rules that actually makes sense. The newer Energy Star HVAC units have a number of special qualities making them more appealing to every homeowner, including:

  • government tested fuel efficiency ratings of more than 95 percent
  • are less polluting by having a smaller carbon footprint
  • the development and design is strictly rated by the Environmental Protection Agency
  • the systems run quieter than comparable non-EnergyStar units

Thinking Long Term

The opportunity to save energy and money by purchasing a new Energy Star system has been proven to save the homeowner hundreds of dollars a year in energy costs. But what also needs to be considered is that some of the savings are offset by other costs that can go unnoticed.

  • the initial cost of an Energy Star unit is higher than other systems
  • any changes in technology for the unit may require it to be upgraded regularly to keep its Energy Star rating
  • high tech systems generally require higher than average maintenance in order to maximize their efficiency

How To Keep The 15 Year Rule

In weighing out any decision there will be pros and cons. MM Comfort Systems knows that when the time comes, having the best information and support is critical. As a company that has the Best HVAC Installations, we also support your new system with Air Conditioner Repair for Bellevue WA and the surrounding areas. Contact us to schedule an appointment to see how you and your budget can benefit from having your existing system evaluated with the 15 Year Rule.

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